What is Your Personal Identity? Do You have more Than One?

In June of 2013, I attended two seminal courses. The first was the Practitioner’s course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Therapy) and Hypnosis. Eight days later, I attended the longer, more detailed and comprehensive Master Practitioner’s course. I was officially certified by the US Certification boards to practice these disciplines with people.

My original purpose in taking these courses was only to change myself, not others. Since the only way to become proficient at something is to practice with it. I was able to facilitate some life-changing events in other people’s lives through using these practices and techniques with others. In return, others worked with me to help me make changes within.

In order to choose what to change in yourself, you must have some self-knowledge – or else, how would you know what to change from and what to change to? This is loosely what I call an Identity. Your Identities (no, your are NOT schizophrenic if you have multiple Identities, lol!) vary from situation to situation. Your relationship with your children is called “fatherhood”. In relationship with them, you have the identity of Father. You understand that Identity well. You might give advice to your children which you might/would never dream of giving to your boss!

Behaviours in one situation/relationship may be inappropriate or simply ineffectual in a different situation/relationship.

Now comes the question. What is your Identity as an Internet Marketer? Is it functional, income-producing and satisfying? Do you contribute to the well-being of others, or are you a leech? Are you successful and confident? Or are you downtrodden (this is always traceable back to yourself as the cause, of course) and negative?

No matter what your situation, the good news is that you can change and improve. And it only occurs in relationship with others. So seek out the best role models and see what they do well and how they do it well. Ask for help from others and return that help to perhaps yet other individuals. If it seems difficult to pay it back, then just pay it forward!!!

One of the great illusions people have is that they can “keep things the same”. One honest look around you should immediately convince you that things (and that especially includes you) are always changing! So, if you are always changing anyhow, embrace it! Go along for the (perhaps wild) ride and see where it takes you – perhaps that was just where you once wanted to go, but didn’t and have now forgotten that enticing direction.

I seem to have said everything that I wished to say, so I will say goodbye for now. All the best of everything to you.

Regards, Jim

What’s New in Internet Marketing? <=> WP JetPack <=> WP Silo Sites <=> Resultant SEO

Since rejoining Internet Marketing this past February, I have been gradually extending my understanding and skills. In the last few days, I have set up several new WordPress sites using WP 3.9.1.

Now sites on WordPress.com, have always had quite extended properties such as a whole series of auto-loaded plugins which don’t take up much space, and which speed up site loading as a consequence. This collection is called JetPack. It is free from WordPress (wordpress.com) and can be installed on any WP site from version 3.8 onward. To get this plugin’s API, I had to join WordPress => and create a free site.

Go and have a look at my new site at:


On this new site above , I will strictly deal with the psychological aspects of Internet Marketing => what helps you, what hinders you!

Moving on to another topic, “silo” websites have been around for more than ten years now. These have become more popular during the last two years. Siloing is an SEO “organizing” technique that structures content to give better information to search engines.

Siloing includes:

=> Keyword research (you need to know what keywords you want to target before you can create your silos around them)
=> Organising your content hierarchically, based on those target keywords

This silo organization makes it very clear to the search engines what your site is about. In particular, it can significantly improve keyword relevancy for your chosen keywords.

A good article on Silo Structures in WordPress:

How to Create a Silo Structure in WordPress by Stephen Cronin

The results of such structuring is good SEO. Good SEO means higher search engine rankings, which means more targetted traffic => which ultimately means higher income!

The Theory of Siloing:
Bruce Clay’s article is long and in depth. Both Michael Gray and Bruce Clay are well-known SEO experts. Some of their advice may be dated in light of recent Google updates, but the principles are “foundational”.

  • How To Silo Your Website a series by Michael Gray (aka Graywolf)

  • SEO Siloing: Building a Themed Website by Bruce Clay

  • Check out silos!

    Regards, Jim

    Where Did the Last Year Go?

    In January 2013, I went to an event by Almine. At the end of the event, I literally felt “cracked open” – a positive state. I left there with a great sense of urgency to change my life, drastically if necessary. At age 70, it was clear that I needed to move quickly if I were to do what I wanted before death overtakes me. I have no fear of death, but you would have to admit that things do seem to end abruptly at that point, lol!

    Many things followed after that. While attending Mark Anastasi’s 3-day Laptop Millionaire weekend, I learned of Gerry Robert’s weekend publishing course, which included learning how to write a book in 40 hours (it really works!).

    At that book event, I was presented with an introductory session in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time line Therapy by Kim Redmond. A Master Trainer, she was trained by the same people who trained Tony Robbins!

    I attended her two-day “Design Your Destiny” weekend workshop in May, which first led to the intensive 8-day Practitioner course in early June. A week later, in the last two weeks of Jun, I took the the even more intense 14-day Master Practitioner course. My intent was to change myself. At the end of these courses, I made the decision to abandon Internet Marketing (IM) until I found out why I seemed unable to make any significant money in IM.

    And I did find out! And I have made the changes in myself which will lead inexorably to success. More about that in my next post…

    There are 2 “things” which you need to be a successful entrepreneur, one of which is obvious, while the other is not-so-obvious:

    1. You need skills, knowledge and experience. It is obvious that almost anyone with the right motivation can get/develop these;
    2. The right mindset. This seems obvious to everyone, BUT it is emphatically NOT obvious, not at all!

    I spent 3 years working on number 1. After last June, I began very serious work on 2. Here, below, are the things you need to know before you can appreciate and understand why number 2 is actually more important – because if you don’t “get it right”, nothing in 1 will help you!

    – all learning is unconscious – it is now an established fact, through research, even if you don’t understand or agree with that fact
    – you would probably agree that children under the age of 7 DO have personalities
    – yet it is well-known in psychology that the conscious mind does not begin to develop in children until around age 7
    – so it should be clear that your personality resides and develops in your unconscious mind (and is expressed more and more through your conscious mind as it develops further)
    – this should make it quite clear to you that there are values which have developed in your unconscious mind, through experience, which form the basis of your personality

    Here is the crux – and it may be the same or very similar for you. It is very unlikely that you know very many of these values consciously, except the most prominent ones. My parents told this story for many years: my mother would put me, a 2-year-old, out in the back garden dressed in a sun-suit and a Sombrero (a very large Mexican hat) for sun protection. I would take off all my clothes, throw the hat over the fence, dig under the fence , put the Sombrero back on and go running down the street. The firemen in the local fire station would call my mother and say “Mrs. Carswell, your son is loose again!”

    Would it surprise you to know that my #1 value is freedom?


    And that folks, was as far as I got in February. I returned to Internet Marketing, but didn’t do any blogging about it. I’m now completing this post, today, on July 22nd, 2014. And today, because I’ve started using WP 3.9.1, I can use JetPack from WordPress.com. More about that in today’s post.

    Let’s see how it all goes!



    What Now?

    Or maybe it should be “Now What?”!!!

    Having been working in Internet Marketing for more than 3 years with very minor success, I have finally made a breakthrough. The psychological breakthrough occurred in a spiritual/self-development workshop about 3 weeks ago. Since then, new directions have been unfolding rapidly.

    I live outside Toronto in Whitby, Ontario. A few days after the workshop, I joined a Toronto meetup group for entrepreneurs and have attended two weekly meetings. Having largely worked alone in the IM field for the last few years, it was a breath of fresh air to be in the company of like-minded individuals. It is like finding the family that you never knew that you had!!!

    These people “get you”! They have had similar struggles and have similar goals and ambitions. Check meetup.com and look for similar such groups in your locale. Unintentionally, they function as a support group, providing ideas, suggestions, information, contacts, resources – the list just goes on and on.

    As a result of these two meetings, I heard about a free 3-day event in held in Toronto by Mark Anastasi, with Corinna & Steven Essa. The weekend was spectacular! Com Mirza & Jerry Robert also spoke.

    Canadian Entrepreneur Com Mirza, now a venture capitalist (“The Lemonade Boy”, with net worth over $400 million), flew in from Dubai as a friend of Mark’s. He described his 8 failures in a row, before finally becoming successful. He attributes his ultimate success to “stubbornness and persistence”, but I think curiosity is part of the mix too…

    Gerry Robert is a Canadian book publisher who has made about $100 million so far. He facilitated a breakthrough for me.

    Have any of you either bought an Internet Marketing product OR received advice from an IMer about how to create your own product? I was stuck in this area, even though I had already completed two-thirds of a technical product designed to ensure that none of your files would ever get corrupted or deleted!

    BUT, it was the only area where I knew I was an expert – I could not identify any others. But during Gerry’s presentation in day 2, the floodgates opened! With at least a dozen areas of strong personal expertise identified, two topics stood out: 1. Intimacy in Relationships; 2. The Art and Science of Listening.

    In two weeks, I will be attending a weekend workshop with Gerry where he teaches, among other things, how to write a book in 40 hours! What a valuable skill this will be!!! At the end of April, Com Mirza will be holding an event in Toronto – I’m definitely going…!

    Finally, because Mark is so non-technical, it became obvious, in a way that I had known before only “intellectually”, but never really understood, that real monetary success in any endeavor only arrives when you build a business with systems that automate your business!

    Steven Essa is probably the world’s greatest expert in creating and marketing webinars. Not only did I learn huge amounts, I asked Steven if I could interview him about webinar creation and marketing. He agreed! When this is done, I will have a very new, relevant and current product of great interest to almost any marketer, and even to any small business person!

    Corinna completely opened up my eyes to using Twitter for marketing and selling, but more importantly, a monthly income of $15,000+ which is easily achievable within a few months.

    Overall weekend result? Success is now inevitable – not a question of “if” but “how soon”! I woke up this morning at 5 am and have been working nonstop on these new ideas for 5 straight hours now!

    And what is the secret to success? Just do it! The road will then open up in front of you!


    Google Sniper 2.0 and George Brown

    This post will be edited over the next few days and become the start of a series of posts, essentially an extended review of George Brown’s Google Sniper 2.0 as I learn to use it and see just how effective it is {or perhaps, isn’t!}.

    Nonetheless, I have had a few years of experience with George Montague Brown, and he has always shown integrity in himself and his products. He is relatively young and has very recently been in the IM “trenches” – he worked as a furniture mover before he began to be successful at IM. He understands hardship and hard work.

    This looks to be an excellent product – but only time and usage will tell! Since it is a ClickBank product, I have up to 60 days to get a refund if I’m not satisfied.

    Shortly, I will tell you about my experience and initial impressions of it

    You can go and check it out here: Google Sniper 2.0

    After a very “splashy” opening to the video, it eventually settles down and George talks about concerns that most Internet Marketers have in common. It is worth looking at. If you feel inclined to do so, please leave your comments about the video here – thanks!

    WordPress, Themes, WP Plugins and SΩCRATES

    When I returned to posting here on April 1st after a long absence, both WordPress and my Socrates theme versions were quite out of date. Surprisingly enough, by first upgrading WordPress and then Socrates, there was only one minor glitch which disappeared almost spontaneously after re-saving some settings.

    Later, I looked at the installed plugins – all of them were out of date. So I manually clicked on “update” for each one {a dozen+ of them}, and all seems well.

    So I’m happy to be back writing here!

    However, I’ll be adding many more plugins here. Why? Over the last year, I have purchased numerous WP plugins, mostly as WSOs. And many of these can and will improve my site, both in functionality and in SEO terms.

    As I add plugins, I will post observations {as focused posts} for some of these, telling you what they have accomplished. And in a few cases, with some of the best ones, I will furnish you with some buyer’s links!

    And, if you like the Socrates theme you see here, go to the vey bottom of this page and click on the word SΩCRATES in the lower right-hand corner of this page – it will open in a new page!