What is Your Personal Identity? Do You have more Than One?

In June of 2013, I attended two seminal courses. The first was the Practitioner’s course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Therapy) and Hypnosis. Eight days later, I attended the longer, more detailed and comprehensive Master Practitioner’s course. I was officially certified by the US Certification boards to practice these disciplines with people.

My original purpose in taking these courses was only to change myself, not others. Since the only way to become proficient at something is to practice with it. I was able to facilitate some life-changing events in other people’s lives through using these practices and techniques with others. In return, others worked with me to help me make changes within.

In order to choose what to change in yourself, you must have some self-knowledge – or else, how would you know what to change from and what to change to? This is loosely what I call an Identity. Your Identities (no, your are NOT schizophrenic if you have multiple Identities, lol!) vary from situation to situation. Your relationship with your children is called “fatherhood”. In relationship with them, you have the identity of Father. You understand that Identity well. You might give advice to your children which you might/would never dream of giving to your boss!

Behaviours in one situation/relationship may be inappropriate or simply ineffectual in a different situation/relationship.

Now comes the question. What is your Identity as an Internet Marketer? Is it functional, income-producing and satisfying? Do you contribute to the well-being of others, or are you a leech? Are you successful and confident? Or are you downtrodden (this is always traceable back to yourself as the cause, of course) and negative?

No matter what your situation, the good news is that you can change and improve. And it only occurs in relationship with others. So seek out the best role models and see what they do well and how they do it well. Ask for help from others and return that help to perhaps yet other individuals. If it seems difficult to pay it back, then just pay it forward!!!

One of the great illusions people have is that they can “keep things the same”. One honest look around you should immediately convince you that things (and that especially includes you) are always changing! So, if you are always changing anyhow, embrace it! Go along for the (perhaps wild) ride and see where it takes you – perhaps that was just where you once wanted to go, but didn’t and have now forgotten that enticing direction.

I seem to have said everything that I wished to say, so I will say goodbye for now. All the best of everything to you.

Regards, Jim

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