What Now?

Or maybe it should be “Now What?”!!!

Having been working in Internet Marketing for more than 3 years with very minor success, I have finally made a breakthrough. The psychological breakthrough occurred in a spiritual/self-development workshop about 3 weeks ago. Since then, new directions have been unfolding rapidly.

I live outside Toronto in Whitby, Ontario. A few days after the workshop, I joined a Toronto meetup group for entrepreneurs and have attended two weekly meetings. Having largely worked alone in the IM field for the last few years, it was a breath of fresh air to be in the company of like-minded individuals. It is like finding the family that you never knew that you had!!!

These people “get you”! They have had similar struggles and have similar goals and ambitions. Check meetup.com and look for similar such groups in your locale. Unintentionally, they function as a support group, providing ideas, suggestions, information, contacts, resources – the list just goes on and on.

As a result of these two meetings, I heard about a free 3-day event in held in Toronto by Mark Anastasi, with Corinna & Steven Essa. The weekend was spectacular! Com Mirza & Jerry Robert also spoke.

Canadian Entrepreneur Com Mirza, now a venture capitalist (“The Lemonade Boy”, with net worth over $400 million), flew in from Dubai as a friend of Mark’s. He described his 8 failures in a row, before finally becoming successful. He attributes his ultimate success to “stubbornness and persistence”, but I think curiosity is part of the mix too…

Gerry Robert is a Canadian book publisher who has made about $100 million so far. He facilitated a breakthrough for me.

Have any of you either bought an Internet Marketing product OR received advice from an IMer about how to create your own product? I was stuck in this area, even though I had already completed two-thirds of a technical product designed to ensure that none of your files would ever get corrupted or deleted!

BUT, it was the only area where I knew I was an expert – I could not identify any others. But during Gerry’s presentation in day 2, the floodgates opened! With at least a dozen areas of strong personal expertise identified, two topics stood out: 1. Intimacy in Relationships; 2. The Art and Science of Listening.

In two weeks, I will be attending a weekend workshop with Gerry where he teaches, among other things, how to write a book in 40 hours! What a valuable skill this will be!!! At the end of April, Com Mirza will be holding an event in Toronto – I’m definitely going…!

Finally, because Mark is so non-technical, it became obvious, in a way that I had known before only “intellectually”, but never really understood, that real monetary success in any endeavor only arrives when you build a business with systems that automate your business!

Steven Essa is probably the world’s greatest expert in creating and marketing webinars. Not only did I learn huge amounts, I asked Steven if I could interview him about webinar creation and marketing. He agreed! When this is done, I will have a very new, relevant and current product of great interest to almost any marketer, and even to any small business person!

Corinna completely opened up my eyes to using Twitter for marketing and selling, but more importantly, a monthly income of $15,000+ which is easily achievable within a few months.

Overall weekend result? Success is now inevitable – not a question of “if” but “how soon”! I woke up this morning at 5 am and have been working nonstop on these new ideas for 5 straight hours now!

And what is the secret to success? Just do it! The road will then open up in front of you!


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