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Since rejoining Internet Marketing this past February, I have been gradually extending my understanding and skills. In the last few days, I have set up several new WordPress sites using WP 3.9.1.

Now sites on WordPress.com, have always had quite extended properties such as a whole series of auto-loaded plugins which don’t take up much space, and which speed up site loading as a consequence. This collection is called JetPack. It is free from WordPress (wordpress.com) and can be installed on any WP site from version 3.8 onward. To get this plugin’s API, I had to join WordPress => and create a free site.

Go and have a look at my new site at:


On this new site above , I will strictly deal with the psychological aspects of Internet Marketing => what helps you, what hinders you!

Moving on to another topic, “silo” websites have been around for more than ten years now. These have become more popular during the last two years. Siloing is an SEO “organizing” technique that structures content to give better information to search engines.

Siloing includes:

=> Keyword research (you need to know what keywords you want to target before you can create your silos around them)
=> Organising your content hierarchically, based on those target keywords

This silo organization makes it very clear to the search engines what your site is about. In particular, it can significantly improve keyword relevancy for your chosen keywords.

A good article on Silo Structures in WordPress:

How to Create a Silo Structure in WordPress by Stephen Cronin

The results of such structuring is good SEO. Good SEO means higher search engine rankings, which means more targetted traffic => which ultimately means higher income!

The Theory of Siloing:
Bruce Clay’s article is long and in depth. Both Michael Gray and Bruce Clay are well-known SEO experts. Some of their advice may be dated in light of recent Google updates, but the principles are “foundational”.

  • How To Silo Your Website a series by Michael Gray (aka Graywolf)

  • SEO Siloing: Building a Themed Website by Bruce Clay

  • Check out silos!

    Regards, Jim

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