Where Did the Last Year Go?

In January 2013, I went to an event by Almine. At the end of the event, I literally felt “cracked open” – a positive state. I left there with a great sense of urgency to change my life, drastically if necessary. At age 70, it was clear that I needed to move quickly if I were to do what I wanted before death overtakes me. I have no fear of death, but you would have to admit that things do seem to end abruptly at that point, lol!

Many things followed after that. While attending Mark Anastasi’s 3-day Laptop Millionaire weekend, I learned of Gerry Robert’s weekend publishing course, which included learning how to write a book in 40 hours (it really works!).

At that book event, I was presented with an introductory session in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time line Therapy by Kim Redmond. A Master Trainer, she was trained by the same people who trained Tony Robbins!

I attended her two-day “Design Your Destiny” weekend workshop in May, which first led to the intensive 8-day Practitioner course in early June. A week later, in the last two weeks of Jun, I took the the even more intense 14-day Master Practitioner course. My intent was to change myself. At the end of these courses, I made the decision to abandon Internet Marketing (IM) until I found out why I seemed unable to make any significant money in IM.

And I did find out! And I have made the changes in myself which will lead inexorably to success. More about that in my next post…

There are 2 “things” which you need to be a successful entrepreneur, one of which is obvious, while the other is not-so-obvious:

1. You need skills, knowledge and experience. It is obvious that almost anyone with the right motivation can get/develop these;
2. The right mindset. This seems obvious to everyone, BUT it is emphatically NOT obvious, not at all!

I spent 3 years working on number 1. After last June, I began very serious work on 2. Here, below, are the things you need to know before you can appreciate and understand why number 2 is actually more important – because if you don’t “get it right”, nothing in 1 will help you!

– all learning is unconscious – it is now an established fact, through research, even if you don’t understand or agree with that fact
– you would probably agree that children under the age of 7 DO have personalities
– yet it is well-known in psychology that the conscious mind does not begin to develop in children until around age 7
– so it should be clear that your personality resides and develops in your unconscious mind (and is expressed more and more through your conscious mind as it develops further)
– this should make it quite clear to you that there are values which have developed in your unconscious mind, through experience, which form the basis of your personality

Here is the crux – and it may be the same or very similar for you. It is very unlikely that you know very many of these values consciously, except the most prominent ones. My parents told this story for many years: my mother would put me, a 2-year-old, out in the back garden dressed in a sun-suit and a Sombrero (a very large Mexican hat) for sun protection. I would take off all my clothes, throw the hat over the fence, dig under the fence , put the Sombrero back on and go running down the street. The firemen in the local fire station would call my mother and say “Mrs. Carswell, your son is loose again!”

Would it surprise you to know that my #1 value is freedom?


And that folks, was as far as I got in February. I returned to Internet Marketing, but didn’t do any blogging about it. I’m now completing this post, today, on July 22nd, 2014. And today, because I’ve started using WP 3.9.1, I can use JetPack from WordPress.com. More about that in today’s post.

Let’s see how it all goes!



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