WordPress, Themes, WP Plugins and SΩCRATES

When I returned to posting here on April 1st after a long absence, both WordPress and my Socrates theme versions were quite out of date. Surprisingly enough, by first upgrading WordPress and then Socrates, there was only one minor glitch which disappeared almost spontaneously after re-saving some settings.

Later, I looked at the installed plugins – all of them were out of date. So I manually clicked on “update” for each one {a dozen+ of them}, and all seems well.

So I’m happy to be back writing here!

However, I’ll be adding many more plugins here. Why? Over the last year, I have purchased numerous WP plugins, mostly as WSOs. And many of these can and will improve my site, both in functionality and in SEO terms.

As I add plugins, I will post observations {as focused posts} for some of these, telling you what they have accomplished. And in a few cases, with some of the best ones, I will furnish you with some buyer’s links!

And, if you like the Socrates theme you see here, go to the vey bottom of this page and click on the word SΩCRATES in the lower right-hand corner of this page – it will open in a new page!

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