Synchronicity, Warrior Special Offers and Mark Thompson

For a variety of reasons, many things all came “together” at almost the same time – hence the post title, Synchronicity…

My enthusiasm and excitement with IM {Internet Marketing} returned. I began to look for a way to move forward without worrying too much whether I had made precisely the right choices of direction.

There are many people selling things from the Warrior Forum through the Warrior Plus website. These are typically called WSOs {Warrior Special Offers}. Over that past two years, I have purchased many, many {100s!} WSOs. Of course, they fall into the categories of the good, the bad and the ugly. In most cases, I don’t have time to completely digest them – the bad. But when I’m focusing on a very specific area, such as Adsense, I usually find that I have several WSO products on the topic. Then I can go directly to these and get ideas and understanding, usually things which I can implement quite quickly – the good. BUT, occasionally, the product really is poor – the ugly! {Should have opened it up right away and decided whether to ask for a refund in those cases – ah well, live and learn!}

The WSOs are largely, but certainly not entirely, focused on Internet Marketing. The good news is that when a somewhat experienced Internet Marketer goes into a niche which is not IM, they are usually competing with individuals who don’t have a great deal of experience with marketing products on the Internet. As a result, you can often leverage what you know about IM to be quite successful in non-IM niches! So your experience in IM becomes a definite asset!

One of the individuals/warriors whose WSOs I learned to respect and trust is Mark Thompson. This past Sunday, April 1st, I was reviewing one of the WSOs I had purchased from Mark, and was led to his site. There I found a great set of 5 posts made by him over time, wrapped up as a short set of tips called “Internet Marketing 101”. These 5 posts captured my intent and helped me to focus. One of the benefits of reading these is this major realization: you are not building one or more websites, trying to exploit one or more niches for profits, trying to sell reports or IM “how to” products – You are BUILDING a BUSINESS!!!

This means that you should have a design and plans for this business – where do you want it to go, to grow, and how will you get there? As you begin to change your mindset and think more in this vein, everything you do will start to be examined in this light – is it contributing to my business? That said, most WSOs are very useful to help you build a piece of your business, but only that. But Mark Thompson has several WSOs which precisely deal with how to design and build your business.

Without writing too much more, it is enough to say that a whole bunch of ideas and plans and… => all came together at the same time as I was reading these tips gathered together in “Mark Thompson’s Internet Marketing 101”. They really capture the essence of IM and will inspire you: Mark Thompson’s Internet Marketing 101.

Do yourself a favour and check out his writings on IM. In a few days, I’ll be promoting one or moreof his WSOs in one of my posts here. {I may just return here nd add them to this post!}

Anik Singal and IM Lobby

One of the first things I encountered on Monday night, April 2nd, was Anik Singal’s new course, IM Lobby. I bought it for $1 plus a commitment to spend $97 a month on it. In spite of his claims, I could not get IM Lobby up and running “a few minutes after buying it”.

The idea of the IM Lobby is to be able to create a whole bunch small websites on an automated basis, by selecting from the niches and keywords which IM Lobby has already researched. Software then creates the sites for you {after you select and purchase a recommended domain name}.

I’m familiar with creating websites, and I have web hosting with HostGator. So, I tried to get started by filling out the Software Settings in IM Lobby, only to find that there was no place to enter my ClickBank ID – only my Adsense ID.

I fired off my support ticket. I was satisfied when I got back a quick response, asking about this problem. While I was pleased to receive a fairly rapid reply, it was disappointing – tech support said that the ClickBank option was only available if I had purchased the VIP package. He then pronounced the ticket closed.

Well, two hours earlier, I had just spent $497 to get the VIP package, but it had’t even shown up in my membership. Sloppy for so much money!!!

We will see what happens tomorrow!

My Plan to Create Profitable Businesses

After a couple of years of buying many Internet Marketing “bright shiny objects”, many WSOs {Warrior Forum Special Offers} and many other products, I have decided to purchase a few promising products and do my best to implement them and make a profit with each one. This means working on them every day to see which ones are best, and reporting on them here almost daily to ensure that I’m making progress every day!

But if I find, after working with any of these for a long enough period to evaluate them, that they are not delivering what has been promised, I will abandon them and immediately seek refunds. You will see my first one in the next post, the product IM Lobby.

This is not the case of focus on a single product – which many people say might be best – but at least it will be a single focus on creating profitable streams of income. And as I do so, I believe it will become clear which paths to follow and which to abandon. I will report here briefly almost every day. And I will be ruthless with the losers {my opinions only}, telling you what is wrong or lacking with them and/or why I am abandoning them if I do so.

I’m filled with a sense of fun, excitement and new experimentation!

Back to Basics

For more than a year now, I have been “up and down” regarding Internet Marketing. In addition, I have had a few extended periods of personal illness – not so sick that I could not function long-term, but several periods of 3 or more weeks when I just felt … When the body is physically depressed, it sometimes seems the person is depressed. It is an easy mistake to make when you feel unwell. When wellness returns, so does enthusiasm and desire to do things again!

Surprisingly enough, I have actually made some money during the past year and have a small residual income. But because I was pursuing different areas of IM, I never really focused on one area long enough to see it through, and ramp up that income. I have learned a great deal, but at this point I need to re-learn and re-do some things.

I will be embarking on some “newbie” or “start from scratch” endeavours, and will report my progress with each of these. Perhaps I can show others through example how to gradually build an income-producing business from scratch which is designed for the long term and share my success with you.

The irony of this date, April 1st, is not lost on me!


Where the Journey Took Me – Where Have I been for More Than 6 Months???

Since late January, I have been been quietly mulling over what and where I want to go with Internet Marketing.

It really has been a journey. I have spent a lot of time learning new things and new skills. I find myself strongly drawn to offline marketing. I will be creating a number of posts detailing ways the you can get started in offline marketing. There are a myriad of ways.

In any case, stay tuned and revisit this site often!


Update on Alex Jeffreys “Marketing With Alex 3.0″ Coaching Program

To quote my own earlier post made in December 2010: “The turning point in my Internet Marketing career occurred when I joined the original MWA 3.0 coaching program with Alex Jeffreys in late April of this year.” {which is now April of last year}.

Alex has recently changed his model. You may join his new MWA 3.0 coaching program at any time. He has added new materials and resources there and made changes and improvements to existing ones. {How do I know? – because I’m still a member!}

One of the greatest resources is the MWA 3.0 forum, where you get to interact with many Internet Marketers, both newbies and seasoned veterans.

Go here and get the link to watch his video:

Marketing With Alex 3.0 Bonus Offer

Go and see what Alex is offering, and what I am offering to support you during your coaching program!