No Resolutions This Year {Really?}

January 1st. Time for new year’s resolutions.

This year, I resolve to make NO resolutions! They are always broken! Why? Because they are done from the head, not the heart. Only those things which rise up out of your true being become effortless.

Once the heart sets the course, the head can be gainfully employed to get there. But let the head go and it becomes both headstrong and wrongheaded, going in entirely the wrong direction for your whole being.

So, feel it through first, find where your heart’s desire wants to take you, and then, only then, use your head to help you get there!

Well , you know that resolution which I resolved not to make {notice the tortuous logic and self-hiding?}, I’m going to break it just this once!

I resolve with all my heart to find out my heart’s desires and then “head” there!!!

Jim, in humour, truth and a bit of self-satire ….

Alex Jeffreys “Marketing With Alex 3.0” Coaching Program has Re-opened Briefly!

The turning point in my Internet Marketing career occurred when I joined the original MWA 3.0 coaching program with Alex Jeffreys in late April of this year.

How did I get there??

Prior to that, I had been buying almost every new “shiny object” that I came across in the Internet Marketing area. Of course, these were all pieces, and not by any means a complete business.

But with many of these programs, the sellers made more income by giving my name out to organizations which offered coaching and other services. During the fall of 2009 and the first four months of 2010, I received all kinds of offers.

Each one involved interviewing me to see if I “had the right profile”. First I had the qualifying interview. If it looked like I was the right kind of candidate {meaning, could I spend money, or did I have access to credit}, then I went to a second interview {with a more skilled salesperson}.

Although I had no intention of going into debt over these coaching programs, I always listened to these people in hopes of learning something useful. And eventually, something did.

In late March of 2010, I received a personal call from a coach in Utah {where many coaching organizations are located} who was the actual coach, not just a prospector. He helped me to understand the function of a coach, and helped me really understand, by asking me questions, that I really did need coaching, or else I was going to keep “spinning my wheels”.

But, he was in the “hard goods drop-shipping niche”. While he had been successful there for the previous 16 years {or so he claimed}, he was so upset when I told him that I was sticking to Internet marketing that he never got to hear me thank him genuinely and sincerely. He just hung up part way through my thanks to him! In hindsight, that also showed me he was the wrong person to coach me, not to mention that he wanted US$2500 for his coaching!

I won’t go into the details of how I found Alex Jeffreys coaching program – but I will tell you that it has turned my Internet Marketing into a real career.

Alex’s coaching program has re-opened for a very limited time, and it will be closing in a few days when he reaches capacity. Because of my very positive experiences in his program, and my experience being “mentored” by a former student of his, from MWA 1.0, I have decided to do the same.

I am offering a mentorship and a number of bonuses in my bonus offer for his new coaching program. Here’s where I have described my offer:

Marketing With Alex 3.0 Bonus Offer

Go and see what Alex is offering, and what I am offering to support you during your coaching program!


More of “What I have Learned So Far” – SPAM!

After an absence of a while, due to illness and the pressing need to make a living until my Internet Marketing income grows to a decent level which can support the family, it is always amusing to see how many “spam” comments there are, waiting for me to approve or trash them.

Some of them are refreshingly interesting. Others are very thinly veiled attempts to get backlinks and to promote products. But the sheer variety and number of them is always of interest to me.

So I publish a few of the best of them. While I hope that you have better things to do with your time, you might be amused by trying to see which ones are spam among the other valid comments!


An Important Digression – New Hope for My Diabetes!

Today I started a program that I can only describe as a natural supplement program, backed by Nobel prize-winning research, which eliminates arterial plaque.

It has important implications for diabetics {like me} and those at risk for stroke and heart attacks.

Over six months ago, a friend {also named Jim!} who has dual US-Canadian citizenship, told me about this product. The reports of its effectiveness are such that I have registered a domain name, and will blog about my progress {or lack of it, which I sincerely doubt will be the outcome}!

In a few days or so, I will post a link to that site so that you can go there for more information.

I have high hopes for this part of my journey!


What I Have Learned About Internet Marketing So Far

These last 6-7 weeks have been very rough on me personally.

On the Labour day weekend, my Operating System crashed. At the beginning of this month, I came down with one of the “nasties” going around. I spent 12 days mostly sleeping. Yesterday, Monday – my first real day at full-functioning, my car’s engine stopped dead on the highway with a broken timing chain = new engine or new car. I’m working on the latter.

These things may be interpreted as disasters, or as messages to look in new directions.

The OS crash said to me that I need to see how narrow my IM business is at the moment, how easily it could be wiped out, just as the data could have been wiped out {but wasn’t!}.

During my illness, I couldn’t get to my computer. This led to many conclusions. My systems need to be automated so well that my absence from the computer should not be noticed. Isn’t this the only way I could successfully go on holiday, and live the “Internet Life Style”?

I am a relatively successful “jack of all trades”, but master of few – I have to outsource OR I will always stay at this level. Besides, who will do the work if I were to become ill? {LOL, lol!!!}

I need a better plan and I need to work it in a more disciplined way. At the beginning of this month, I had resolved to post here every two days – then I became ill – no workable backup or contingency plan.

While lying done, I pondered my relatively low income from my steadily growing subscriber list. I realized that my sales funnels were neither well-conceived nor well-implemented! Periodically, I did some reading and some thinking about this problem. I now have a better-than-average plan which will take a while to put in place.

But I now really understand where and what the major sales funnel weaknesses are; after implementing new funnels, I will do testing. But a new improved funnel will allow me to buy solo ads and then have the sales income pay for the solo ads. At that point, my list building efforts will be self-sustaining.

Even more, giveaways will in future will not only be a source of new subscribers, but will also be a net source of income!

I will report back on my success {or lack of it – always possible, but now very un-probable with my new insights!}.

Till later, Jim

Spam is Not Just Another Type of Meat!

When I return to my blog site to see what is going on, I ALWAYS find a large number of spam comments, waiting to be approved or trashed.

Sometimes it just takes a few days to get a large number of these spam comments – and some of the authors are surprisingly inventive and creative in their comments. Others would make your hair curl, not only because of their comments, but often because of where they link to.

I have been so busy working on list building that I haven’t really found enough time to post here nor to promote my site, as often as I would like to do. But there is progress. My list of 0 subscribers in May has just passed the 700 mark today.

Working on offers and learning to build funnels has taken a great deal of time.

Yesterday, I had my first “ezine articles” article approved, and it had 3 views in less than a day! The article mostly just “flowed out of me”, always a good sign!

This time, I have been away longer than I realized! I’m writing this tonight because waiting here were 31 spam comments, and 1 which was classified as valid. That was cause for minor celebration.

This blog was meant to chronicle my journey as an Internet Marketer and it has done, but I realize that most of what I have been doing in between posts here has been hard, enjoyable, tough work – and most of it has not been chronicled here.

So as a prelude to starting October, I’m writing to say thank God for for the spam, it has once again reminded me of why I started this blog.

I’m committing to writing more often, and to shamelessly promoting my blog. I believe that I have things of value to impart. But I really need visitors who will see my posts and comment constructively, so I realize that I must promote my blog site.

Perseverance is the key, I remind myself! To anyone who reads this – you should remember what you have accomplished and don’t dwell in what you have not accomplished. Use what you have not accomplished to be the start of a new plan or campaign or project!

‘Til next time, Jim