Microsoft Causes Problems ….

My XP system crashed last weekend. I have been trying to back up the files since then, so I can install Windows 7. Haven’t had enough sleep.

The process of backup has been slowed down considerably by many, many file paths which were too long. Windows refused to copy those. I have had to resort to all sorts of tricks and manual processes, and I’m nowhere near finished!

I went looking on the web. Here’s my response to a post at a Microsoft help forum made by a Microsoft employee!

QUOTATION from Jimhonzell aka Jim Honzell?
Path limit is 248 characters.
Path+Filename limit is 260 characters.

Exceeding either will result in the error mentioned.
Simplify your folders and titles.
My response:

I came to this forum looking for an answer to a question, and found unwitting myopic arrogance!

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Can A Listbuilding System Be TOTALLY Automated?

I know we’re all a bit sick and tired of promises of “automated software” that will make us rich before dinner.

And I’m always the first to be skeptical of these kinds of outrageous claims.

But today I may have to actually eat my words.

Because I just picked up a listbuildilng system that really is incredibly fast…,

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Michael Rasmussen – The top seven mistakes I see new Internet marketers making every day.

Last night, I received an email from Michael Rasmussen. His advice is very timely, and has helped remind me, as a new Internet Marketer, where to put my efforts in order to prosper over the long term.

It is copied here in its entirety, without any edits.

Hey Jim,

It’s Michael Rasmussen with an email I REALLY wish someone had sent me years ago, back when I was just getting started in Internet marketing.

You see, back then I didn’t know anything. I felt overwhelmed all the time. I spent MANY nights discouraged and frustrated. And yes, I made all of the “newbie” mistakes you can imagine.

While I wouldn’t say I’ve arrived, or I have nothing left to learn (not by a long shot, believe me), but I HAVE learned some valuable lessons about mistakes to avoid.

In this email, I’m going to give you what I think are the top seven mistakes new Internet marketers make.

When I was making these mistakes, I struggled. Now that I’ve put them behind me, and things are going great.

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Squidoo and HubPages for Newbies

Part of your strategy as a new blogger or website owner seeking to monetize your site is to achieve a good ranking with the search engines, particularly Google.

Both Squidoo and HubPages are considered “authority sites” by Google. It makes sense to go to these sites, join up, write a serious article with good content, and make sure that your site link is placed correctly within the article.

These Squidoo or HubPage links can provide “backlinks” to your site, which Google and other search engines will use to help increase your site’s page rank.

Backlinks are the foundation of all search engine algorithms – these are fundamental to your site being found by interested people!

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My Dilemma with Honesty and Frankness

We all make errors. BUT, how many should we advertise – indeed, should we tell anyone about our mistakes at all?

This is a simple dilemma for me. Since this blog is a matter of public record, how far should anyone go in revealing their errors encountered during their learning?

Will such revelations damage your credibility, or only make you more human to most people?

I am largely fearless in that regard – unafraid to post almost all of my foibles and shortcomings, as well as detailing my strengths, my victories of all sorts, what I have learned {possibly the hard way}, anything which might help others deal with such problems, and more.

But, as a serious business person and entrepreneur, do such posts as my post of a few days ago reduce my credibility in your eyes and the eyes of others? The post I’m referring to is “The STUPIDEST Smart Person I Know!!!”.

If you are reading this, please let me know what you think. Your comments will help me to decide how I present myself to the public.

Years ago, I had a serious responsible job running an IT department with a staff of nearly 35 IT personnel: analysts, business systems analysts, programmer analysts, programmers, ….

In some meetings with other departments, it was nothing short of amazing to encounter the dysfunctionality of the participants. They could often not get sufficiently past personal issues to allow the meeting to conclude successfully.

Backtrack first: some years earlier, I had discovered my ability to harmonize groups of people, and I had experimented with different behaviours to achieve this within groups. Certainly, humour is extremely effective. But not everyone remotely has the same sense of humour.

In one meeting which showed signs of “blowing up”, I decided to act “the clown” to attempt to defuse the meeting. Some long time after this meeting, one of the participants told me that he had actually thought that I was just a clown. So much for the ability of the average human to see through behaviour into the essence of another human being!

Please tell me what you think! Thank you.


PS – years ago, watching the movie “Blazing Saddles”, I noticed that the flatulence jokes caused one part of the the audience to laugh while the sexual jokes caused another, largely different part of the audience to laugh. Only a small group, like myself, laughed at both types of jokes. Humour is universal, but there is NO universal humour!

Alex Jefferys Recommends John Thornhill’s Coaching

I’m in Alex’s 3.0 coaching course. In sum, the best money I ever spent!

This morning, I received a promotional email from Alex, talking about John Thornhill, who was both his first coach and the first HONEST Internet Marketer he met. It’s a $4.95 trial for 28 days, and Alex is refunding that amount and providing two bonuses.

{Update: just got the $4.95 and two bonuses a couple of days ago!}

John’s coaching program is not cheap, but a one-month FREE {after refund from Alex} makes it a no-brainer to try it out!

Here’s the link, which will soon expire. I don’t get anything from sending you there, but Alex freely points out in his email that he will get commissions.

My experience from my coaching by Alex Jefferys and mentoring by one of his former students, JT Martin, has proven to me that everything starts to make more sense in Internet Marketing and you begin to accelerate your list building.

Get some type of coaching! At the moment, this is the best that I know of!