Internet Marketing Heroes

Recently, when joining a new site, I was asked, surprisingly to me, “Do you have any Internet heroes, and who are they?

The question didn’t make sense to me. There have many people I admired, respected, looked up to … but heroes??? Heroes have to be superhuman in my lexicon.

But I thought about it over the next few days and something emerged. So, even though I don’t really believe in heroes, these are my two candidates: Read More…

The STUPIDEST Smart Person I Know!!!

OK, I admit that I’m referring to me! {Explanation, Evidence and Proof follow below. Amusement? I certainly hope so! And, a lesson which will be super-obvious!}

When I heard about Alex Jefferys’ “Coaching with Alex 3.0” nearly 3 months ago), I watched his “promo” video. He said to check the web for references to him and see what people were saying about him.

I did. On page one of Google, third or fourth from the top, was an offer from JT Martin to join Alex’s course through him. {JT was in Alex’s first coaching course.} One major bonus offered by JT was the gift of weekly mentoring by him.

The two smartest decisions of this year were made right then – I signed for both up immediately. {So I’m smart, right??? Well, read on, find out the truth!}

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A Good Month – But I Neglected my Blog

During this month, I worked on many of the things laid out in Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program – Marketing With Alex 3.0 – especially list building.

With the superb mentoring help of JT Martin, a student of Alex’s MWA 1.0 coaching program, I have established my list and begun to grow it!

I made my first list sale to a member of this list – a milestone!

BUT, sadly, balance was missing, because I neglected my blog, and I failed to record all the insights and milestones in this busy and productive month.

Ah well – it is just about impossible to be perfect anymore – lol!

Til next time, Jim

Internet Explorer Problems Displaying WordPress

A warning to all bloggers and would-be blog creators! Don’t “do as I DO” => “do as I SAY!”.

I was happily developing my personal blog in Chrome, which I’ve grown to love, when I tried to show someone my site in Internet Explorer just a day and a half ago.

OUCH! It doesn’t work there. So I tested it in FireFox, and all is OK there too.

What I SAY now, chastened by experience: test your blog frequently as you are developing or modifying it, however brief that testing might be, by looking at it with a minimum of all browsers listed above [they account for most of the traffic].

Please send any suggestions you have for fixing this or just finding out where it is broken. I dare not promote my site until this major issue is fixed!



Tweaking WordPress

While it was very nice to get my blog up and then complete my first post, there were still many things behind the scenes that needed tweaking [and even fixing!] => in the last few days there have been many, many visits to Google to find out how to change WordPress.

Clearly, although it seems daunting at first, a lot may be done just by adding other people’s pieces of code into the CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] module and by modifying the “arguments” of functions such as “the_content” in “index.php”. It gradually makes sense as you try things out.

What are your favourite WordPress tweaks, and what makes them your favourites? Have you found great themes, plugins or widgets which have enhanced your site? Please let me know, I’m literally “dying to know”!


A Funny Thing Happened as I was “Fixing” the Blog

If you have any perfectionist tendencies [who me?], then you can easily get yourself stopped or even trapped along the way.

Somehow, what should have been started life earlier this week as jim.carswell => and after a couple of days, I began to fret about that, so this morning I decided to change that. Initially, I couldn’t make sense of all the information Google provided me, and it look as though my blog would self-destruct if I made the wrong move.

I fiddled in cPanel; I learned more about about “.htaccess” than I ever wanted to know. But I learned how to re-direct to in .htaccess, kind of the reverse of what I wanted!

Why’d I do that? Because one source said that if you had this kind of setup, and people looked for me under when I was really at, I could easily end up with TWO DIFFERENT sets of RANKINGS in Google [as though there really were TWO different websites], which would split my total traffic statistics and rankings!

Now there’s a very scary thought for someone interested in good page SEO and Alexa rankings!!
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