Coaching versus COACHING!

For months last fall, I’d been getting calls from people who were offering coaching. They’d gotten my name from various Internet Marketing products I had purchased over the last year, where coaching was a component.

These callers approached me to “interview” me, to see if I “qualified” to speak with their manager, who would make the final decision, and possibly offer me a partial “scholarship” while payments of up to $600 per month were required. I talked sincerely with most of these people, but didn’t feel that I had enough spare money to do that.

A couple of months ago, one called me with a $2500 offer to coach me. He’d had 16 years of successful internet marketing, mostly hard goods & CPA experience. But he managed to get me thinking seriously about spending the money. After mulling the idea over for a week, I began to wonder, “who was this voice from Utah”, and could he be trusted. He failed to send a promised email with more details. But he did convince me of the value of coaching, to learn from those who went before you.

As a result, I began looking, somewhat casually, for a coach. I found Alex Jeffreys online, and could check him out. This blog is one result.

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How I became an Internet Marketer!

Like so many of you reading this, I’ve been trying to make a go of Internet Marketing [IM] on and off for more than three years. What do I have to show for it?

Thousands of dollars of great-sounding products, promising you everything, but rarely delivering enough! How much have I earned? Nothing until last Saturday – when I received $50 in PayPal for having a friend use my affiliate link to sign up for a hosting account.

While I was pleased and pleasantly surprised by this, it didn’t really count as IM income in my mind – but it did show me the potential! Some simple advice if you are starting business – if you already have an internet hosting provider you are pleased with, sign up as their affiliate. Do the same for autoresponders – yesterday, I received a beautiful one-page letter from AWeber, welcoming me as an affiliate – very, very classy approach. Sign up with AWeber – they’re the best, and they won’t disappoint you.

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